"A clear improvement of muscles and joints."

Svante Söderström, legitimized dentist

I was interested in trying Vitality when I read what it contained. Now I'm on
my second can and not planning on stopping. I feel a clear improvement in muscles and joints.

"Vitality works perfectly for me!"

Soussan Holinkova, legitimized nurse

Vitality works perfectly for me and I will undoubtedly continue with it.
Now my husband has also become interested and will test.

"Now I'm healthy!"

Lisa, retiree

Previously I suffered from recurrent colds but since I started with
Vitality I have not been ill once.

"Thanks to Vitality, I have no pain in the joints anymore"

Marie, 56 years

Thanks to Vitality, I have no more pain in the joints. I have even stopped with cortisone and am still completely painless. I will not stop using Vitality as long as it works this well.

"Vitality has really helped my arthrosis"

Lena, 54 years

I have tried many different preparations against my osteoarthritis but nothing has helped me until now when I found Functio Optimas Vitalitet. I tried to hold off on the vitality but then it came back bad. Now I will never stop using Vitality.

"I can do more on the football field"

Benny, 30 years, carpenter

I have started with "Beetroot, Lingonberry, Cranberry" and have felt a clear improvement when I have to perform the most on the football field.

"Thanks to" Vitality "my knees are finally strong enough for exercise"

Charlie Östlund, 66 years from Bollnäs

In the past I have had pain in eg. my knees under heavy load. But since I started eating "Vitality", I can practice unhindered and without any pain at all. I play ice hockey,I run and I ice skate. It works very well for me.

"Now I don't have to get up and pee during the nights anymore"

Anita, 57 years, self-employed

Now I have tried Beetroot, Lingonberry, Cranberry and do not have to go up and pee during the nights anymore! Another positive effect is that I feel more energetic and have more energy in the days!

"I have never felt stronger"

Johannes, 37 years, works at a school

I practice the Triathlon and have eaten Beetroot-Lingonberry-Cranberry in capsule from Functio Optima. I have never before felt stronger and never had so much more to give as after I started with the capsules.

"I even walked on Kebnekaise without feeling any pain in my knee"

Jerry Holinka, 59years, working consultant

When I had eaten Vitality for about two months I woke up one morning and thought, "It is something that is not as usual". Then I realized that I no longer have pain in my knee that i had pain in for years. After a tough hike up to Kebnekaise this summer, I didn't feel any pain at all. I'm really happy!

"Before, I had to go up and pee two to three times a night"

Margareta, 78 years from Norrköping

Before, I had to go up and pee two to three times a night. Now I have eaten Functio Optima's capsule "Beetroot Lingonberry and Cranberry" for about three months. Now I sleep until the morning before I have to go to the toilet. As a bonus, I feel that my hair has become brighter and feels healthier.

"When I learned that my joint pains were caused by osteoarthritis, I thought my mushroom picking days were over"

Erik, 66 years from Värmland

When my doctor at the health center told me that I had osteoarthritis, I thought my mushroom picking days were over. I love to walk in the woods and feel the freedom but i always felt pain from my joints.

Now I have eaten Vitalitet for four months and feel no pain at all in my joints despite long walks in the woods. Now I long for the chanterelles to show up!