"A clear improvement of muscles and joints."

Svante Söderström, legitimized dentist

I was interested in trying Vitality when I read what it contained. Now I'm on
my second can and not planning on stopping. I feel a clear improvement in muscles and joints.

"I have the desire back"

Tommy, 62 years

For a few years I have felt worn out and tired. It has been a bit so-so with the "desire". I have now eaten your capsules with beetroot cranberries and lingonberries for almost three months. I have gotten back the desire and feel like im 25 years old again. The wife sends her regards and thanks!

"Vitality works perfectly for me!"

Soussan Holinkova, legitimized nurse

Vitality works perfectly for me and I will undoubtedly continue with it.
Now my husband has also become interested and will test.

"Now I'm healthy!"

Lisa, retiree

Previously I suffered from recurrent colds but since I started with
Vitality I have not been ill once.

"Thanks to Vitality, I have no pain in the joints anymore"

Marie, 56 years

Thanks to Vitality, I have no more pain in the joints. I have even stopped with cortisone and am still completely painless. I will not stop using Vitality as long as it works this well.

"Vitality has really helped my arthrosis"

Lena, 54 years

I have tried many different preparations against my osteoarthritis but nothing has helped me until now when I found Functio Optimas Vitalitet. I tried to hold off on the vitality but then it came back bad. Now I will never stop using Vitality.

"I can do more on the football field"

Benny, 30 years, carpenter

I have started with "Beetroot, Lingonberry, Cranberry" and have felt a clear improvement when I have to perform the most on the football field.

"Thanks to" Vitality "my knees are finally strong enough for exercise"

Charlie Östlund, 66 years from Bollnäs

In the past I have had pain in eg. my knees under heavy load. But since I started eating "Vitality", I can practice unhindered and without any pain at all. I play ice hockey,I run and I ice skate. It works very well for me.

"Now I don't have to get up and pee during the nights anymore"

Anita, 57 years, self-employed

Now I have tried Beetroot, Lingonberry, Cranberry and do not have to go up and pee during the nights anymore! Another positive effect is that I feel more energetic and have more energy in the days!

"I have never felt stronger"

Johannes, 37 years, works at a school

I practice the Triathlon and have eaten Beetroot-Lingonberry-Cranberry in capsule from Functio Optima. I have never before felt stronger and never had so much more to give as after I started with the capsules.

"I even walked on Kebnekaise without feeling any pain in my knee"

Jerry Holinka, 59years, working consultant

When I had eaten Vitality for about two months I woke up one morning and thought, "It is something that is not as usual". Then I realized that I no longer have pain in my knee that i had pain in for years. After a tough hike up to Kebnekaise this summer, I didn't feel any pain at all. I'm really happy!

"Before, I had to go up and pee two to three times a night"

Margareta, 78 years from Norrköping

Before, I had to go up and pee two to three times a night. Now I have eaten Functio Optima's capsule "Beetroot Lingonberry and Cranberry" for about three months. Now I sleep until the morning before I have to go to the toilet. As a bonus, I feel that my hair has become brighter and feels healthier.

"When I learned that my joint pains were caused by osteoarthritis, I thought my mushroom picking days were over"

Erik, 66 years from Värmland

When my doctor at the health center told me that I had osteoarthritis, I thought my mushroom picking days were over. I love to walk in the woods and feel the freedom but i always felt pain from my joints.

Now I have eaten Vitalitet for four months and feel no pain at all in my joints despite long walks in the woods. Now I long for the chanterelles to show up!

"Mixed comments from customers using Vitality"

" I eat every day ... my hand and ankle are much, much better. You can chew the tablets and souch if you want. They taste good."

"TOP ... I feel perfect now ... I have tried everything but VITALITY really works ... I am 40 again though I will soon be 71 ... :-)"

"No longer have to eat cortisone thanks to this"

"Very positive for my joints."

" Great"

"On my second can and I feel better and more energetic"

"Have also bought. Feels like it works. Not as much pain in my joints now. Mobility better"

“Fantastic with my worn out knees: They work again with Vitality in an absolutely incredible way! Do you have a problem; TRY!!"