Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Translations from Swedish to other languages

We have used automatic translation on some of the texts on this site. This means that some translations become a bit strange. We hope for your understanding. If you have questions or something is unclear then please email us and we will try to help you as quickly as possible.


During 2019, we will initiate collaboration with potential resellers.
Already now, health food stores, therapists, etc. can contact us for more information.

Our email address is:

What does V mean when you buy Functio V Optima Vitality

We will change the log on the Vitality label under 2020 to only Functio V Optima where V stands for Vitality. Same ingredients but a little changed logo.

My order has not been delivered.

In some exceptional cases, we can expect longer delivery times, eg. on holidays, when PostNord finds it difficult to keep up. However, as usual, Functio Optima sends orders made Monday to Friday, before noon. 12.00, same day. If the order has not arrived within 10 working days, please email us so we can fix this.

How do I order products when I live outside Sweden?

ANSWER: Click on the product you want to buy. Then you move on to PayPal.

If I order from another country than Sweden. What rules apply then?

VAT-All prices are stated including Swedish VAT at 12%. Any VAT that may be added in countries other than Sweden is paid by the customer.

CUSTOMS FEES - Customers who order from countries other than Sweden may be required to pay customs fees. Customs fee is not included in the price and is not reported until you confirm your purchase. Any customs fee is paid by the customer to the customs in the country we deliver to.

Payment - All payments from countries other than Sweden and Finland are made using PayPal.

How do I order products when I live in Finland?

ANSWER: Select the Finnish flag highlighted on the page. Then, as usual, click on the purchase of the product you want. You then choose if you want to pay via Klarna or PayPal.

What is the recommended daily dose for your products?

The daily dose for our products is 2 tablets / capsules per day. The tablets can advantageously be chewed if you have difficulty swallowing them whole. If you have a sensitive stomach you can take the tablet in conjunction with a meal, and start with a tablet of Vitality per day, then increase to normal daily dose.

How big are the tablets and capsules?

Vitality is a tablet that is about 13 mm wide and 3 mm high. The tablet is excellent for chewing.

Beetroot Lingon Cranberry is a capsule that is about 19 mm long and about 6 mm high.

I have received the products but no invoice has come.

ANSWER: All payments are handled by Klarna or PayPal. Contact their customer service for any questions. The most common reason for the invoice not being found is that you have not filled in your e-mail address correctly.

Can I eat your products if I suffer from a disease / illness or eat some medicine?

ANSWER: For questions regarding the use of our products in various medical conditions, and when taking medicines, we ask you to consult your treating doctor. We cannot or may not provide medical opinions. There are over 6000 medicines registered in FASS and it is not possible to provide individual information about how to combine these with dietary supplements.

Have you received a promotional code?

Tap on purchases under the products you want to buy. Then choose "show cart". For "coupon", enter the code you received and then click "use coupon". The sum is then changed to the discounted amount. Then continue to Klarna or PayPal.

Answers to questions under various ads?

Do you have questions regarding eg Our products, transports, discounts, etc., we ask you to email our customer service at Feel free to visit the FAQ or our e-commerce site, as most answers are already there.
Sometimes you want to ask questions during our ads on social media, eg. Facebook. Unfortunately, however, we are unable to provide feedback to everybody in advertisements since our customer service only works via email.

Do you have subscriptions so that there will be more products automatically?

No! We do not use subscriptions at all. When you want to buy more products you have to order at each occasion.

If you do not receive an answer when ordering or via the mail form.

It is common for the wrong email address to be specified when ordering or at a question via the form. Also check your junk mail as sometimes the answers may end up there.

I want to change my shopping cart, but I don't get it

Sometimes it may be a problem with some browsers to go directly into the shopping cart to edit. Then try to click on purchases under a product and then select the display cart. Then you can edit the number or remove with the cross.

How to order your products?

You order our products via the website and we have a partnership with PayPal and Klarna who handle all payment processing.
Click on purchases under the products you want to buy. Then continue to Klarna or PayPal. Fill in your details and choose the payment method. Confirm purchase to complete your order.